Kidney Infection : Symptoms,causes And Treatments

Kidney Infections: Symptoms,causes And Treatments

Pain in the back and back is a common problem, but it causes kidney infection. Due to stretch of muscles, standing for long periods, sitting or lying. Normally, people get relief from pain by using painkiller balm, oil or medicines in back pain. But due to many problems in the kidney many times, you can also complain of pain in your back. If you have back pain, then it is possible that it is due to renal infection.

kidney infection

  • Kidney helps in more than 500 actions in our body.
  • Kidney infections often cause back pain.
  • Many times people do not understand the differences in back pain and kidney pain.
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Why does Kidney infection occur?

Kidney is a very important organ, which helps in more than 500 actions in our body. Many times, due to excessive consumption of salt, kidney infection is caused by unnecessary medicines or lack of water. Kidney sheds our blood. In such cases, if it is swelling or infection in its chestnut, then it affects many functions of kidney. Patients with blood pressure and diabetes have a higher risk of kidney infection. Kidney infection can also cause back pain.

Difference between kidney and back pain

Kidney infections often cause back pain. In fact, the kidneys have two organs on either side of the stomach, which carry out the waste materials and toxic elements from the body. Many people also understand kidney pain as back pain because its pain also feels in the back part of the body.But there is some difference in both types of pain. The pain of the kidney is much faster and more severe, whereas back pain is less intense. The back pain is often felt in a large part, while the pain of the kidney occurs in the small part near the waist. Kidney pain is usually felt on one side of the back because the pain is in a kidney but sometimes it can occur in both kidneys.

Why is kidney pain due to kidney infections?

Most people do not know that our two kidneys are backwards to the wall of the back wall. These two kidneys are located adjacent to the vertebra, where the ribs are finished. The pain caused by kidney infections can be felt in the back. Kidney infection or small stone is mostly on the back. In such cases, patients usually take pain killer after understanding the pain of the waist, and they also get relief for a while. Due to lack of information, taking medicines can cause further damage to the kidney. People are not able to pay attention to the real cause of pain by feeling back pain.

There can be two causes of pain in kidney-
  • Kidney Infections
  • Kidney stones

The stones in the kidney may be due to several reasons. Generally drinking less water, increased uric acid in the body, excessive consumption of iron foods or consuming tomato, brinjal etc. increases the risk of kidney stones. In this disease, uric acid or calcium and other particles present in the body form a solid shape in one place, which begin to hinder the activities of the body and the pain begins.

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