How to Control Cholesterol Screening Tests and Cholesterol

 Cholesterol Screening Tests And Control 

We know that increase in cholesterol promotes heart disease. Although is of two types good or HDL and bad or LDL. Of these, good  is beneficial for your body, while bad  creates a risk to the body. Check the  screening test, blood levels.In this test both levels of HDL and LDL are checked in the blood. Let’s tell you what the  screening test is and how you can control your .


  • Screening test occurs after examining in the body.
  • Cholesterol promotes heart disease.
  • screening test should be performed for the first time at the age of 20 years.

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What is the Cholesterol Screening Test:-

In cholesterol screening test both levels of HDL and LDL are checked in the blood. It is good to have screening tests for the first time at the age of 20. After this, you can keep an eye on  level after each five years of this test. However, after checking it depends on the level of investigation after how long. If  levels in the blood are higher than normal or there is family history of cardiovascular diseases in your family, doctors can recommend screening in every 2 or 6 months.

Why is it important to the body?

Cholesterol is the fat peroxide produced by the liver. Our body should work properly, because this  is essential. For the life of every cell of the body, it is important to have . High levels of in the body can give various types of diseases to the body. The main cause of cardiovascular diseases is higher than  levels. Therefore, by checking periodically, you can know that you are not at risk of heart disease. Apart from this, you can also learn about it if you need to reduce .

How much your cholesterol should be

What will happen to human health, it mainly depends on the amount of cholesterol.  levels in blood liters from 3.6 million liters per liter to 7.8 millimeter per liter. He is  kept in 6 mg / L high  range. In these situations, the risk of diseases associated with arteries increases.  more than 7.8 millimeter per liter is called highly high. You will never want to reach this position. In these circumstances, you also get high risk of heart attack and stroke.

Measures to Stop Cholesterol Growing
  • Obesity Quiking Control.
  • Daily exercise 30 minutes.
  • Keep your hobbies like biking, swimming, running or dancing.
  • Stay away from trans fat foods.
  • On the increase of cholesterol, take medicines given by the doctor on time.

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