Free Sitemap Generator – Submit Google Webmaster Tool

Free Sitemap Generator – Submit Google Webmaster Tool

Hello Friends, Today we are talking about blogger’s sitemap generator. You can generate a sitemap generator for your blogspot blogspot blog.

There is no plugin to generate sitemap generator in Blogger, its generator is done through sitemap online tools. Sitemap is as important to a website / blog as much as creating a website and writing a post in it. Without sitemap,

you can not rank your blog in Google and any other search engine. The sitemap will map to a website / blog in a way that results in any search engine indexing it on its page.

If a blogger does not generate a site map of his blog, then Google’s crawlers does not rank a post written in that blog. Sitemap helps to rank blog / website in a way. So let us know about the sitemap generator and how we can generate a sitemap for our blog in it.

sitemap generator. To make your Site Map Generator Site First you have to go to this link CLICK HERE . After going to this link you will see this type of interface (as shown in the image).After that you have to put your blog’s full URL into the given column. And then click on generate sitemap.

sitemap generator

After clicking on the sitemap generator, you will see some such file. In this way you can generate a sitemap generating on your blogspot blog.

sitemap generator

Sitemap generator and submit Google Webmaster Tools: –

After generating the site map of your blog, the site map has to be submitted to Google Webmaster Tools. You can submit the site map of the blog to Google, Bing, yandex and Webmaster Tools. We will tell you to submit a site map to Google Webmaster. The way Google Webmaster sitemap is submitted, you can submit it in Bing and yandex.

First you have to go to Google Webmaster and on that you have to click on the URL of your website / blog. After that you will see the option of crawl in the lower side, click on it and go to the sitemap option.After going to the Sitemap option, you will see the red color Add / test Sitemap option in the right top, click on it.

sitemap generator


After clicking the add / test Sitemap button, you have to enter the URL of the sitemap of your blog (as shown in this image).

sitemap generator

Inserting the URL of the blog’s sitemap, you can click on the submit button. This way your blog’s Sitemap will be submitted. Similarly you can submit your Sitemap in the Bing Webmaster. Click here to go to Bing Webmaster

We have provided complete information about how you submit sitemap generator and sitemap. If you find any error in this, then give us your suggestion.

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