What Is CTR (Click Through Rate) Google Adsense 2018

What Is CTR Google Adsense

Hello Friends,Today we are talking about ctr google adsense about the importance of ctr in Google Adsense and how important it is to us.ctr google adsense  What is the ctr of our knowledge about ctr should be.
ctr google adsense

Ctr Google Adsense.Today is the earning  of internet marketing and is also very important for ctr advertisers as well as publishers in the world. The role of advertisers in this is how the ad is designed to be graphics or designed to get more ctr. And the role of the publisher in it is to put the ad in place to get more ctr and increase ctr.

According to a blogger / publisher, ctr Google Adsense is one of the ways that make significant contributions in earning money and maintaining advertisers in one place.

what is CTR Google Adsense:-

ctr is the method of a click rate that has the knowledge of how many clicks have occurred in an ad. If we understand it in simple words, then ctr means how many clicks have been on an advertisement.

  • CTR = Number of clicks / number of exposure
  • CTR% = Number of Clicks * Exposure 100

In simple words, if an advertisement is running on your blog / website or anywhere, and that ad has been seen by 100 people, but only 5 clicks have been done, then your ctr will be 5%. It should be noted that the higher the percentage of ctr, the better you get the ad. So keep in mind that advertisements should be placed only in places where it is viewable and which can easily be clicked.

Ctr Google Adsense.Mostly is asked in the general questions that many people have seen our science poets but why have we got less earning?

Ctr Google Adsense.The only answer to this question is that you place the advertisement ,where you get the maximum number of clicks and increase your earnings.

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