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Blogger backup | How to take full backup of blogspot blogs?


Blogger Backup.Hello Friends, today we are talking about Blogger Backup about how you can backup your Blogger.Blogger Backup. Blogspot is one of the most exciting platforms for blogging, in which we can get blogging for free. Blogspot is a Google product through which we start blogging. When we do something wrong in Blogger, Google has the right to remove our blog. This problem comes when we are using BlogSpot for spamming or any activity that violates the blogspot.Blogger Bacup.

Blogger is the best way to blogging but you do not have complete control over it. You can use those platforms which you have full control over, such as hosted blogging platforms.

In addition to following the guidelines of the blogspot, you can use a tool in it that saves your blogging career. You can back up your blogspot account in Blogger. So, I am saying that if something goes wrong in the future with your blog, then you can publish your data and post again.Blogger Backup

Taking full backup of BlogSpot:

You can take full backup of your blog using Blogspot  Export Blogger feature. It is saved as a backup .xml file. You get this file in your computer.Save on the place. There is a general procedure to back up the blogspot, which should be in every weekly or monthly.

how to get blogger backup


Backup of a blogspot template is also important as it is very important:

Blogger Backup.If you back up your Blogger template at a regular interval then it will solve your two major problems.

  •  If your blog is deleted by Google or due to some reason, then you will have a full backup of your template / theme.
  • If a code gets deleted in your template, you can restore it through your backup template.

You can use Google Drive or Dropbox to back up your blog or template so that you can view those backup files as well.

How To Delete Blogger Account:-

If there is some mistake in your blog, which is not good enough, or if your blog is outdated, then no traffic is coming, then you can also delete your blog in such a situation. In order for how to delete the blog, you are providing an image which is shown below. Through that image you can delete your blog for a while or for a long time.

how to delete blogspot blog


Blogger Backup.If you do not understand anything in the image, then you are going to tell me some steps through which you can delete your blog.Open your blog – Go to setting -other setting-then see delete your blog

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